Across Ontario, there are a variety of factors that influence the lives of women living with and facing systemic risks for acquiring HIV. Included here is information on HIV from a women-centered perspective. This information is meant to be inclusive of all women, including cis* and trans women, women with trans experience, as well as folks on the transfeminine spectrum. The term ‘woman’ is used throughout this website as an umbrella term, meant to encompass a wide range of identities within the women’s community. If you are a woman who is seeking information, a service provider who works with women, or if you’re looking for women-specific HIV knowledge, this is a good place to start.


* Cis refers to a person who experiences their gender identity in a way that matches the societal expectations of someone with the physical sex characteristics with which they were born. The use of this term acknowledges that everyone has a gender identity which has a relationship to their assigned sex.

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